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Payment & Shipment

Payment and Delivery

Payment and Delivery

1) You can make a payment to the Garanti Bank Şişli Branch 6294094 (IBAN: TR81 0006 2000 1520 0006 2940 94) account via bank transfer or EFT (Electronic Fund Transfer).

2) Through our website, using your credit cards

You can use our online single payment system to pay with any type of credit card or online instalments as permitted by your bank. When you make an online payment, the amount will be deducted from your credit card at the conclusion of your transaction. If an order is cancelled due to possible order cancellation or stock problems, a refund will be issued to your credit card within 14 working days.

3) Refund of Order Price

SOLIVA TANITIM HIZMETLERI TIC. LTD. STI will refund the product price to your account and/or credit card within 14 working days if your orders are cancelled for any reason. However, you must provide our company's financial authorities with accurate and complete information about your bank account and/or credit card.

4) Delivery

We make every effort to deliver the products you order to the cargo the same day or the following day. For products that require additional time to deliver, the cargo delivery time is 3 business days, unless otherwise specified in the product details. You will be notified if there is a possibility of a delivery delay.

To ensure prompt delivery of the product, please enter the delivery address as your current location.

Your requests will be processed and prepared in accordance with the delivery method you selected at the conclusion of your order. Aras cargo will transport products from our Istanbul-based company. Following approval of your orders, they are delivered to the Cargo company within two (two) working days at the latest.

Additionally, cargo deliveries are restricted to Turkey. Please visit our English-language website for international deliveries.

5) Tracking Payments

If the system in question is unable to complete the transaction due to a problem, our visitor is notified at the payment page's conclusion.

If there is an error with the specified address, a connection is established with the customer regarding the undeliverable order.

The validity of our visitor's e-mail address is confirmed via the automatic e-mail sent following the transfer of the order.


We are accountable to both the bank, where the credit card system is used, and the customer for the fulfilment of the delivery.

Please use caution!

Open and inspect any packages you believe to have been damaged during shipment in front of the cargo officer from whom you received them. If you believe the product has been damaged, refuse delivery and file a report with the cargo company.

Once the product is received, the cargo company is deemed to have fully performed its obligation.

If the product is damaged: Send an e-mail to info@luviloom.com as soon as possible with your prepared report.

If you do this, we will immediately begin working on your package and ensure that the delivery is rescheduled.

If you include a brief explanation of why you wish to return the product in this e-mail, you will assist us in our efforts to resolve the issue.