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About Us

The story of Luviloom began in a coastal town in the Aegean on a brightly lit day, on a deserted beach.

It was October 2020. The summer ended and holidaymakers had already returned to the big cities from which they came. The beach was empty except for a few people enjoying the still-hot sea and dogs roaming in joy. The sunbeds, arranged side by side for the summer, were collected and stacked under green canvas to spend the winter. On the shoreline that stretched out, there were two sunbeds standing side by side and an umbrella standing between them. And a loincloth left on a straw umbrella to dry! A beige loincloth, with colorful patterns, gently swung in the wind. Meanwhile, we two friends were sitting under an acacia tree near the beach talking about the future. Because of the pandemic our business in Istanbul suffered a major setback; we wanted to set ourselves a new path. The loincloth was hovering in the warm wind, and we were thinking about what to do.

We had spoken and could not come to a decision by evening. And then the wind amplified its intensity and blew the loincloth above the straw umbrella.

‘’Life leaves countless signs in your path every day’’ they say. That’s what it was for us. What we were looking for was right in front of our eyes. After a few months of research, we started to believe that we could do this. For years, as we have been manufacturing clothes, Turkish towels, beach towels, TV blankets and couch shawls with natural cotton, blending them with unique designs for mild, soft textured, water-absorbing, and quick-drying loinclothes, we shall remain faithful to the ethical production approach.

When it comes to finding a name for our brand, we wanted to make a mark in Anatolia, the home of countless civilizations, and we inspired the Kingdom of Luvi, which was founded in the Aegean, 4,000 years ago to implement Luviloom. Thus the story of Luviloom began...